Engineers and Consultants for the Broadband Industry

Founded in the wake of the dissolution of Advanced Broadcast Systems, American Technical Services (ATS) has found a niche providing consulting services for the broadcasting industry and continued support of the ABS product lines.

ATS employs the same team of engineers from the Townsend division of Midwest that worked on the prototype for their computer supervised transmitter system. This same team saw the system to fruition in the Advanced Broadcast Systems CST series transmitter, setting the precedent as the 1st computer supervised transmission system.

The ATS engineering staff has worked for some of the premiere names in the industry: Comark, Townsend, Technalogix, Midwest, and Advanced Broadcast Systems. Over the years, we have been involved in at least seven different transmitter designs, with various companies. Our collective experience and service with other transmitter manufacturers (Townsend, Comark, and RCA) gives us a solid background.

Collectively, we have experience with just about every high power UHF television transmitter and the various tube types available. We are a leader in providing High Efficiency Pulsers for retrofits to klystrons that have ABC, ACE, or BCD elements.

Understanding your requirements and restraints allows us to recommend the appropriate technology or a unique solution. A less innovative company will only give you the "Standard Version" or the $Custom Price$. At American Technical Services, we are professionals in providing innovative solutions for RF transmission systems.