CST-II UHF Television Transmitter

The Advanced Broadcast Systems CST-II UHF Television Transmitter is a revolutionary breakthrough in television broadcast technology. The combination of the IOT tube technology with the latest in industrial process control automation and information display has set a new standard. A transmitter must provide you with reliable unattended operation and easy access to the information you need, when and where you need it. Full Data Logging and Fault Logging allow you to do on the line trend analysis for every 10 minute interval, for the last 365 days of operation. Built-in diagnostics and help screens guide your personnel in easy to understand language on how to operate the transmitter. The IOT technology gives you the high efficiency of the Class AB operation for both NTSC and HDTV operation.

  • Built-in Remote Control for ALL command, telemetry and status channels on the Process Logic Controllers.
  • Programmed Auto-Start, Auto-Shutdown and AC Power failure recovery.
  • Full Data Logging (All telemetry and status channels every 10 min. for 365 days with time and date stamp. Last 500 event fault Register with time and date stamp.
  • Auto-Logging available with auxiliary printer.
  • Provit terminal provides both graphic and test screens with programmable soft-key control. Easy operation for non-technical operators.
  • Computer is multi-user and multi-tasking, has 4 RS-232 Ports.
  • IOT Features
  • The exciter system has individual upconverters that provide Linearity Correction and Automatic Gain Control for each IOT tube in common mode.
  • EEV recommended Thyratron Crowbar and Filament Black Heat capability.
  • Reserve IPA power with individual 800 Watt Visual Drivers.
  • Single coax elbow to waveguide transition on the tube output.
  • All waveguide RF system with Switchless Combiners and Absorptive Constant Impedance IOT Filter, and Computer controlled switching.
  • Beam Supply Controller with Soft Ramp Start and Automatic Voltage Control.
  • Unrestricted access to components for service, designed with vendor available parts with high MTBF ratings for low maintenance.

    Digital Signal and Analysis Monitoring (DSAM)

    The DSAM is an 8VSB Digital Signal and Analysis Monitoring for Transmitter or Studio Applications. After years of product evaluations, beta testing, and field tests at the advent of DTV, ATS has assembled product that represents the best values in the market to accomplish everything needed at the transmitter or studio site to evaluate the “on air” signal - at one-tenth of the price!

  • Samsung HDTV LCD 16:9 Widescreen Rackmount 17 inch Monitor [Component, PC, and Audio Inputs]
  • Sencore RF Analyzer [Constellation, Eye, Performance Monitor and Spectrum Analyzer]
  • LG Quality Rackmount “Next Generation” DTV Receiver
  • Quality Rackmount Server Computer running XP Pro with Ethernet
  • Quality Rackmount Keyboard and Trackball
  • Optional PC XP Pro based Remote Control System for your equipment using “off the shelf” Process Logic Control

    IPA Modules

    The ABS HEP-3 Pulser system is designed to operate with klystrons incorporating a BCD, ABC, or ACE element. It provides Beam Efficiencies of over 60% when used with a modern exciter such as the ITS-20A from Information Transmission Systems. We have an installed base that includes RCA, Townsend, Harris, and Comark transmitters.

    Update Information/Packages on ABS Transmitters

    At American Technical Services, we strive to continually improve the performance of our systems. Further modifications and information can be found here:

    Update Information/Packages