Update Information/Packages on ABS Transmitters


Provit Monitors are now obsolete. Factory repairs take around 6 months. ATS has a limited number of used Provits available either for rent or purchase. The B&R CP35/M264 PLC's were supposed to go obsolete as well, but so far this has not been the case. New CP35's are still available. Used/Repaired CP35's are available as well.

Replacement of the B&R System: We have developed a complete replacement for the B&R PLC's and Provit Monitors based on a common off the shelf PC running either Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, ME, or XP Pro using Automation Direct PLC's.

Automation Direct Systems

We have found a few minor but annoying bugs in the previous software of the DL250 CPU.

Mostly these deal with how the PLC responds during a power outage. These changes assure a proper start up after a power failure at the transmitter site.

IPA Modules

The original MMD modules used in the 800 watt IPA have gone obsolete. The 10 watt modules and the 200 watt modules are no longer available as new product. We have a limited number of these modules (used, but either rebuilt or recertified) available.

The newer EMCEE IPA's have a similiar problem with availability of the LDMOS transistors. The LDMOS transistors may become hard to obtain in the very near future.

We have had success marrying both ITS Exciters and EMCEE Exciters with the new Pineapple Technologies 600 watt IPA sections. This unit can come with or without a Power Supply to allow for retrofit in the various models of the ABS transmitters.

EMCEE Exciters

We have found a few problems in the EMEX2 drawer regarding the power raise/lower function after a power outage and have an update for this.

Thyratron HV Boards

We have a new redesigned board for the Thyratron HV area. Previously, the Thyratron Board would fail when the Thyratron itself would start to exhibit marginal operating conditions. The redesign stops loss of the Thyratron board.

Solid State/Thyratron Monitor Boards

We have an updated board for those stations using a dual EMCEE IPA configuration. The new board allows for quick diagnostics of faults on individual IPA drawers.