Call to inquire on the prices of the services listed

ATS Customer Support - For a flat yearly fee, ATS can provide unlimited telephone consultation support and 24/7 day access to emergency help. ATS Support Customers will have first priority to parts and have discounts on update packages.

ATS Maintenance Contract - For a flat yearly fee, ATS can provide yearly on-site inspection and routine maintenance of the transmitter, along with the Customer Support (above) included as part of the package. Travel expenses are billed separately as incurred. Other service intervals are available.

Emergency Services - Emergency on-site services are available for a fixed fee plus expenses. Stations using Support or Maintenance Contract services will have first priority for available personnel. We are located within 15 miles of the Greater Cincinnati airport which is a major Delta hub. This allows us to respond quickly to your needs for parts or service.

Telephone Consulting Services - For the Stations not using Support or Maintenance Contracts, Telephone Consulting Service is available for an hourly fee. Billing will be on 15 minute intervals. This service is only available M-F 9a-5p ET.

Engineering Services - Non emergency on-site engineering services are available. Services provided include Proof of Performance, Frequency Calibrations, Tube Installation and Tuning, RF System Checks, Repairs and Upgrades on both Analog and Digital ABS Transmitters. Minimum one week notice required.

Job Costing/Job Estimates - We will provide competitive price quotes on specific jobs or work to be performed on site.

Other Consulting/Custom Engineering Services - We have a broad area of experience on other TV Transmitters. We can provide services for Comark, Harris, and Townsend Transmitters.

American Technical Services itself owns and maintains equipment for testing trasmitters. Our current level of test equipment includes the following:

  • HP 89441A Vector Signal Analyzer (8VSB Digital) with Zenith Modulator Software
  • HP 8712B Network Analyzer (RF System Sweeps)
  • HP 8941E Spectrum Analyzer with Tracking Generator (Analog and Digital Tub Tuning)
  • System One Audio Analyzer
  • Tektronix Analog Demod, Waveform, and Vectorscope
  • 8VSB Digital Demod and Monitor
  • Frequency Counter with GPS Frequency Verification